Inclusive and Accessible At-Home Diagnostic Healthcare

October 26, 2021David SteinHealthTechHealthcareDiagnostics

In today’s episode, our guest is David Stein, the co-founder and CEO of Ash. Ash is a healthcare start-up that enables at-home diagnostics for easy healthcare delivery.

The company works with health & wellness companies, medical institutions, public health institutions, universities, and pharmaceuticals to provide the most comprehensive and inclusive at-home/remote diagnostic testing.

We’ll be discussing:

  • The pain points of the LGBTQ+ community in accessing inclusive and comprehensive sexual and wellness diagnostic services

  • David’s entrepreneurship journey to offering 60 different types of diagnostics

  • Traditional and non-traditional user testing and customer discovery

  • Why having a strategic partnership is good for business


[00:40] Background of David Stein

[02:06] The launch of Ash during the pandemic

[04:41] How Ash transformed from a direct to consumer model to a B2B2C model

[14:28] The challenges of a direct to consumer business model

[17:02] The mindset of complimenting not competing

[19:45] Challenges and obstacles of a remote diagnostic testing business

[22:08] Rapid fire round

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