Innovative Software Solutions and Healthcare Technology with Blake Adams

May 19, 2021Blake AdamsHealthTechHealthcareSoftware

“But at the end of the day, research is really about people.” [34:20]

Who is Blake Adams? [00:30]

Blake Adams is the VP of Marketing at Florence Healthcare, where he leads marketing, strategy, analytics, and sales development teams. With more than 6 years in executive leadership roles in healthcare technology, he's passionate about helping research teams advance cures by introducing them to innovative software solutions.

How Blake ended up in the clinical research field [2:03]

Blake refers to when Ron Jones, the CEO at Florence, asked him if he’d be willing to come help start a company and he took the opportunity because Blake says he likes building things from scratch.

Has Blake faced resistance dealing with healthcare professionals? [9:17]

He says because no one likes change, the idea of moving from paper to an electronic-based system in the healthcare environment was met with major resistance. He adds that COVID forced a lot of systems to change.

What would qualify a trial for rapid acceleration and what sort of criteria should be met? [17:56]

Blake says that the biggest delay to a clinical trial is funding the number of patients that are needed to prove the value of that trial.

Results of having operations streamlined [24:05]

Blake insists that their sole focus is on operational metrics. He says it’s a little bit harder to talk about it in the context of the number of labs impacted, or traditional health care metrics.

What people in the clinical research field should be asking [28:55]

Blake states that sites and sponsors need to be thinking about how all these systems will talk to each other in the future. He says that there’s no need to have eight different platforms at the research site all doing different functions.

Trends that most companies are focusing on [31:00]

Blake talks about how technologies progress in a way where every person can almost receive a very individualized medical treatment.

Advice for professionals looking into the clinical research model [34:45]

As a technology person, Blake says that technology transformation is just as good if not better than our technology.

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