Next-Generation Manufacturing & Supply Chain Solutions In The Cloud with Jennifer Petrosky

June 09, 2021Jennifer PetroskyHealthTechHealthcareManufacturingCloud

“So I think you have to do your research, right? Make sure you're asking all the companies out there the right questions, make sure that they, the companies that you talk to, understand this industry. There's a lot of different technology providers out there, but I think the most important ones are the ones that know your business in the life sciences industry" [21:00]

Who is Jennifer Petrosky?

Jennifer is the life sciences director at QAD. QAD is a global enterprise software company that has been around since 1979. Before joining QAD, Jennifer led market strategy for Kalypso, a Rockwell Automation company, leading PLM & IOT consulting and system integration.

How the pandemic has impacted digital transformation [2:15]

Jennifer talks about different decision making processes. They briefly discuss digital transformation and Jennifer says that digital solutions are expediting the delivery of advanced therapeutics.

Trends in life sciences [11:15]

Jennifer discusses some of the different trends surfacing within the life sciences industry since the pandemic struck.

Analyzing the different challenges faced [14:17]

Jennifer addresses some of the challenges that the company faced, especially focusing on the supply chain problem.

Consequences of not embracing new technology [17:40]

Jennifer also talks about some negative consequences of people not getting on board with new technology.

Advice to companies adopting new technologies [20:55]

Jennifer insists on doing your research well and also connecting with your peers.

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