Representing Healthcare Technology for Over a Decade with Tafari Alexander

November 18, 2020Tafari AlexanderHealthtechDigitalHealthHealthcare

Tafari Alexander is the Vice President and Director of Healthcare Technology for Recruit Group. They are a full service staffing and executive search firm that uses a consultative approach to provide the best team for their clients.

In this episode of MedStreet Journal, Tafari Alexander shares his experience in the recruitment firm for 17 years, 14 years of which is spent in representing healthcare technology companies. With his vast experience, one thing he focuses on is the authenticity of his personality and how it played a big role in gaining the candidate's trust.

“I’m turning every conversation into an opportunity to help.” [14:53]

Who is Tafari Alexander? [00:45]

Tafari Alexander has been in his firm for 17 years as an executive recruiter. They were formerly known as Answer Quest and have rebranded it to Recruit Group in 2016 and he bought it from his former CEO. They will be celebrating their 4th year with the new name, Recruit Group, this October 31st. He is the vice president of their healthcare technology practice for the past 14 years of those 17 years he’s been with the firm.

What are the typical responsibilities of the VP of healthcare technology? [01:49]

Tafari’s clients are all healthcare technology companies that sell their technology to providers like practitioners, hospitals, pharmaceuticals or to large employers such as wellness apps, digital-wellness apps, etc. He said that as a practice leader, his job and main focus is to bring in these new businesses from his client to the doors of their target audience, understand their business and how they can find talents.

The Recruit Group difference [04:55]

According to Tafari, putting the candidate first is the key. He is his client’s recruiter, and on the other hand, he represents his candidates. He is his candidate’s agent, so his job is to tell their story and be their voice out in the marketplace. He said that he’s using a sports analogy and that’s why honesty, transparency and trust-building is of high importance. The more his candidates tell him what they're all about, the more he can better represent them.

How does Recruit Group connect with their audience? [11:43]

Tafari Alexander said he is relentless. He is very persistent, diligent and old school so he likes to pick up the phone and call his people, engage, introduce himself and just let the connection shine through by being his authentic self.

After 17 years in the recruitment firm, what has changed in terms of connecting to people? [18:57]

When Tafari Alexander started his career, there was no LinkedIn so you had to do everything offline. When LinkedIn emerged, it played a huge role in finding the right people for them. He said that LinkedIn offered them the ability to meet some new people and introduce them to one another.

What advice can you give to people who are working their way to connect to their audience? [24:31]

One thing that Tafari gives away is something that’s called a “career map”. He said to get three columns. (1) Think of the pieces of technology that you would like to sell. (2) Think of the companies you would like to work with. (3) Think of the individuals you would like to connect with and surround yourself with the network you would like to be a part of.

Tafari answers the rapid-fire round of questions. [31:16]

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