Shifting Provider Focus from Managing the Business to Serving More Patients

August 24, 2021Daniel DuraHealthTechHealthcareAnesthesia

This week’s guest is Daniel Dura, the CEO and co-founder of Graphium Health.

Graphium creates innovative, mobile-based software to support the back-office functions of medical facilities specializing in anesthesia. Their goal is to optimize the management of backend data and technologies, so healthcare providers can spend less time running the business and more time focused on serving patients.

Graphium Health is revolutionizing healthcare technology and billing systems by providing solutions to make healthcare safer, more affordable, more efficient, and more widely available.

We’re diving into:

  • Ways information technology is propelling the healthcare sector forward

  • How to identify the right tools for analyzing and managing critical data

  • Understanding and serving niche markets and specialties

  • Optimizing systems through feedback and analysis


[00:37] Daniel Dura’s Background

[03:23] Navigating the Pandemic

[05:35] How Graphium Helps Both Healthcare Companies and Patients

[08:07] Catering to a Specific Market: Anesthesia

[10:05] Educating Others and Providing Solutions

[12:22] A System for Analyzing Data

[15:09] Eliminating Friction Points

[17:06] Solving Problems, Gaining Feedback, and Optimizing

[19:47] Helping Fellow Healthcare Professionals Adopt New Technology

[21:47] Rapid Fire Round

Links to Check Out:

Daniel’s LinkedIn:

Graphium Health’s Website: