Sustainable Shame-Free Approach for Stress, Fatigue & Weight Loss with Sheryl Puterman

March 10, 2021Sheryl PutermanHealthTechDigitalHealthFitness

In this episode, we have Sheryl Puterman, who is an internationally trained and Certified Mind-Body Nutrition & Wellness Practitioner. She is also an expert in Stress Relief Management, Conscious Relationships, & Nutritional Psychology. We discussed how she helps people with the use of the best of mind-science, correct nutrition, and psychology practices with the use of their strategies and techniques to help overcome stress, fatigue, unhealthy habits both physical and emotional, and more.

“Awareness is always the first step. What happens when people don't recognize their stresses that build up and then they eventually blow up. So, we teach you how to recognize yourself.” [8:11]

Who is Sheryl Puterman? [1:03]

Sheryl shared her journey in how she got into health and wellness.

How Nourishment Vitality helps people? [3:00]

Sheryl describes that Nourishment Vitality is a 360 health and wellness platform where they specialize in stress, fatigue, anxiety management, and holistic weight management. They have innovative online courses dealing with some of the most common health and wellness challenges of our times today, including overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, and various other nutritionally related health concerns, such as digestion and mood and fatigue. They also specialize in stress and anxiety management, which fortunately, they have seen such a rise in over the past a year due to the pandemic.

How they’re able to reach their audience through online content and how effective that's been for them? [6:00]

According to Sheryl, it’s extremely important to be able to keep educating and to empower others through education and they have been expanding in their online course product range.

Sheryl on helping people mentally, emotionally, whether it's through creating better habits or being able to manage their stress and anxiety or just changing habits. [8:00]

Awareness is always the first step. What happens when people don't recognize their stresses that build up and then they eventually blow up. Sheryl and her team teach people how to recognize themselves.

What are the benefits, changes and transformations after working with Nourishment Vitality? [9:00]

They can see changes by being able to handle stress and have a tremendously overwhelming feeling that their nervous systems are working on overdrive.

What sort of problems or challenges do you see when helping customers or clients go through Nourishment Vitality programs. [12:30]

One of the challenges is encountering clients with inconsistency and not committed to the process.

Milestones and accomplishments [17:00]

One of the milestones Nourishment Vitality had was expanding their online course product range, their non-courses are made up micro-module video lessons, PDFs that can be taken at everyone's own pace and in the comfort of their own homes. Sheryl also mentioned they she will continue in aligning with NGOs or government agencies who are looking to add value to the segments of societies that are most vulnerable and desperately looking for tools and strategies to overcome very difficult personal situations.

Advice to professionals in the health and wellness space, who are dealing with a lot of people and the people are the ones who are actually experiencing these stress and anxiety type of symptoms. [19:10]

Sheryl shares some inspirational tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety.

Sheryl answers the rapid-fire round of questions [26:00]

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