Utilizing Workflow Automation to Improve Patient Experience

January 11, 2022Tim CostantinoHealthcareTelemedicineAutomation

In this episode, our guest is Tim Costantino. Tim is the VP, Head of Product at AdvancedMD with 19+ years of experience in Product Lifecycle Management. He is an Agile expert with extensive experience bringing new products to market in short cycles to efficiently find Product-Market fit.

AdvancedMD was born as a true multi-tenant SaaS platform over 20 years ago and now serves over 40,000 medical providers in nearly all specialties and mental health providers in all 50 states. Its services provide medical practices with an integrated workflow to help improve patient experience and satisfaction.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Integrating an automated workflow to improve the patient experience

  • Creating a solution for workflow automation to increase patient engagement in telehealth

  • Defining the automation process from ideation to deployment

  • The impact of the pandemic on data solutions and workflow automation


[1:00] Background of Tim Costantino

[3:10] Importance of workflow automation for patient experience

[7:20] Injecting workflow automation into healthcare practices

[11:15] The automation process (ideation, design, build, deployment)

[13:50] Increasing performance by optimizing workflow solutions

[16:00] Utilizing data to optimize automation

[18:50] Advancements in data solutions during the pandemic

[19:45] Rapid fire round

Links to Check Out:

AdvancedMD Website: https://www.advancedmd.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/advancedmd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/advancedmd

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/advancedmd/