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OpenLoop Named Best Places to Work in 2024 by Purpose Jobs

OpenLoop is named Purpose Job's Best Places to Work in 2024

Des Moines, IA | January 26, 2024Purpose Jobs, the largest community of purpose-driven startup and tech professionals, today announced OpenLoop Health to its list of best places to work in 2024. The list covered companies headquartered and hiring in emerging tech hubs such as Detroit, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, as well as remote-first companies.

Companies across emerging tech hubs (and those hiring remotely) were evaluated on and selected for a variety of criteria: positive culture, robust benefits, learning and growth opportunities, flexibility, and purpose.

“We are thrilled to be included on the list of the Best Places to Work for the second year in a row,” said Jon Lensing, Co-founder and CEO of OpenLoop. “Despite economic pressures, we continue to hold true to our core values of autonomy, competence and belonging, nurturing a company culture that prioritizes the growth, individuality and health of its employees. An achievement we are deeply proud of and will continue to uphold.”

With the rise of inflation, economic uncertainty and layoffs across the board, the job market has been turbulent, making people rethink their careers and purpose. Professionals are reprioritizing what’s important to them in a job and a lot of it has nothing to do with the job itself. They’re looking for great cultures, growth opportunities, flexibility, and the chance to work in a purpose-driven environment.

“No matter the market, purpose and people are a priority for top talent,” said Ryan Landau, founder and CEO of Purpose Jobs. “We’re proud to have so many companies in our community that put those things first, providing excellent places to work in emerging tech hubs, and beyond.”

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About OpenLoop

OpenLoop was co-founded by CEO, Dr. Jon Lensing, and COO, Christian Williams, with the vision to bring healing anywhere. Their solutions are thoughtfully designed to streamline and simplify go-to-market care delivery for companies offering virtual support to patients across an expansive array of specialties in all 50 states, with in-network insurance coverage. OpenLoop's deep investment in compliant, easy-to-use telehealth technology and top-tier providers is what sets them apart in the industry. 

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